Microsoft is set to release a new version of its Paint app, titled Paint 4.0, that will add support for new technologies and make it more compatible with newer hardware.

Paint 4 is a significant update, and one that’s been in the works for a while.

The company released Paint 3.0 in March 2018, a software update that took advantage of new hardware and performance improvements.

Paint 3 was not well received, with many users complaining about the app’s limited functionality.

“The problem with Paint 3 is that the UI was very clunky,” wrote one user on the Microsoft Paint blog.

“It was slow to load, with little to no editing capabilities.

Paint is much better in the Paint 4 UI.

It’s now much more intuitive and you can edit any object without having to use the paint brush.”

Paint 4 will bring Paint 3’s “quick-and-dirty” editing capabilities to the new app.

You can edit a paintbrush’s stroke and outline without ever having to open the app.

That will make editing a paint brush much more powerful.

“In the past, it took a while to figure out what to do with a paintstroke,” explained Paint 4’s lead engineer David Hsu on Microsoft’s blog.

That’s because the brush would look something like this: I’m not sure if it was actually an existing brush or just a paint stroke, but this is what it looks like.

But now, with Paint 4, you can choose any stroke you like, even one that hasn’t been touched by the brush.

That allows you to take a brush with a different stroke and apply it to any surface in the scene, like a tree, an object, or a house.

Paint users will also be able to add new brushes to an existing collection of brushes, so that if you have a bunch of different paintbrushes, you don’t have to re-order them.

Paint will be updated to support the new Paint 4 technology.

“We’re really excited to bring Paint 4 to our Windows Store,” said Hsu.

“Now that Paint 4 can be used across different platforms, we can make the app even more compatible.

It will also make it easier for us to make sure we’re building the best possible Paint experience for our users.”

Microsoft is also looking to improve the user experience with its other Windows 10 apps.

For instance, the Windows 10 Universal app will be able use new technologies to make it smarter about where the app loads, what content is displayed, and what kind of animations happen.

Windows 10 also launched Paint 4 for the Xbox One last month.

Paint and Paint 5 are currently the only Paint apps for Windows 10, but Microsoft is planning to bring support for these other platforms as well.

“This is a big step for Paint,” said Steve Tischler, general manager of Microsoft’s Paint team.

“As you can see from the release notes, Paint 4 brings the most modern capabilities to Paint, and also the best Paint experience on Windows 10.”

In addition to making Paint 4 a new app, Microsoft also plans to expand Paint on the Xbox.

“Xbox users will have a better experience with Paint,” Tischlers said.

“That’s not just for Paint 4—it’s for all of the Xbox games and experiences we’re delivering for Xbox.

That means even more features for Paint and Xbox.”

Microsoft’s Windows 10 update for Paint 3 will arrive on October 27.