Apple’s new iOS 7, and its successor, is expected to bring with it many of the changes made to Apple’s OS, including the new iOS 8 UI.

That means that the software has been updated to the new operating system, and it’s the first iOS update to have Apple’s trademark ‘apple barrel’ paint.

But in some cases, Apple’s apps and tweaks have changed, and not in a good way.

We’ve rounded up some of the apps that we’ve noticed that have had some of their best and most notable changes to iOS 7.

Apple’s barrel paint has also changed quite a bit, from the classic Apple-branded paint to the newer Apple-paint with a ‘B’ or ‘R’. 

We’ve rounded this up by using both Apple’s official iOS 7 and iOS 8 app listings.

The new paint has been around for years, but was only added to iOS 8 in early June.

Here are some of our favourites, and a few of the more popular alternatives:Apple’s Paintball app in iOS 7 The app is a lot of fun, but it’s not always the best Apple Paintball experience out there.

It’s a nice way to try new paint styles and paint with a friend, but we’ve found it can sometimes get a little overwhelming at times.

The app’s new paint is much more customizable than its predecessor, allowing you to add your own colours and create custom arenas. 

There’s also a new ‘barrel’ mode, which allows you to ‘mix and match’ colours to create a custom paintball environment. 

Barrel paint also has a new mode, Barrel Paint, which lets you mix and match different colours to paint a barrel-like paintwork.

Barrel paint can also be mixed with Apple’s iOS Paint, an iOS app that lets you paint a realistic looking barrel on your home screen. 

Apple’s HomeKit app Apple’s Home app is another great iOS app, with a ton of built-in controls and features.

You can add lights, locks, and thermostats, as well as lock and access your fridge.

You also get the option to set timers for certain times of day and make certain music plays on certain music channels.

Apple also adds support for HomeKit’s ‘smart’ lighting, which can automatically turn lights on or off and automatically adjust the volume of other apps and home automation devices. 

The Home app has also received some major updates.

You now have the option of using HomeKit with apps that integrate with HomeKit. 

If you like your Apple Watch, you can use Apple’s watchOS 2 app to add a new watchface to your watch.

Apple Watch has had a pretty solid app and interface for a while now, but the Home app still feels like it could use some work. 

Some Apple Watch apps, like the new Time Machine app, are still in beta, but this version includes a few things that are definitely worth a look. 

In addition to the watch app, Apple also added a few new Watch Faces.

The watch faces can be seen by going to Settings > About > Software update, and you can also check your watch faces with the new ‘Check Watch Faces’ option in Settings > Watch Faces > Check watch faces.

Apple’s Watch app has had its fair share of updates, too.

There are a lot more features, too, and some of them will work on iPhone or iPad, too! 

Some of the Watch Faces that are currently available on the Apple Watch app in WatchOS 2: Bruno’s WatchFace  – A simple, simple watch face that looks cool on a watch. 

Marianne’s Watchface  – A beautiful, beautiful watch face. 

Chloe’s Watch Face   – A cute, fun watch face for girls. 

Gavin’s Watch face   – A beautiful watchface with a retro, vintage look.

Chad’s Watch Faces  — A watchface that will look cool on your wrist. 

Cory’s Watch faces  -“A watch face with retro, cute, cute features.” 

Taylors Watch faces -“Watch faces that will take your watch to the next level.” “

Lori’s Watch faces -“A cute watchface.” 

Taylors Watch faces -“Watch faces that will take your watch to the next level.”

Randy’s Watch  “Watch faces for a cute, sweet, and cute character.”

Gavin  Watch  And that’s not all.

You’ll find that there’s also support for the new Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 watches.

These are much nicer, with more features and a lot less bugs. 

These new watch faces, along with the Series 3 watch and Series 5 watch are currently in beta and are only available to those who have a valid Apple Watch account.