Wall Paintings and Plastics from around the World by James A. Stewart.

(Courtesy of James Stewart.)

“This painting is the first step in a lifelong hobby that has included painting my cats, my dogs, and even my mom’s cat!”

Stewart, who is a freelance portrait artist based in Brooklyn, New York, said.

The “plastic art” he paints is inspired by the shapes, colors, and patterns of the shells of sea creatures, such as mussels, oysters, mussels and crabs.

“When I first started, it was a hobby I was just playing with, but now I’m painting them all the time,” Stewart said.

The process for creating a canvas for the portrait is simple: Using a flat board, Stewart lays out his canvas on a flat surface and cuts the paint into shapes.

Then, using a pencil, he paints each shape on the canvas.

After Stewart finishes painting, he transfers the finished work to his wall and paints a new layer of paint.

Stewart said he is particularly inspired by shells, which make up the bulk of his cat art.

“When I paint my cats they all look like the same thing,” Stewart explained.

One of the challenges for Stewart is getting the designs and patterns that he paints onto his wall to match his cats.

When asked about the most difficult thing about creating a painting for his cats, Stewart responded, “I am very creative and have a lot of fun with them.”