When it comes to their final hurling experience, the Irish can’t beat the Paint Irish.

The team that went to the Champions Cup in 2016 and 2017 and won the World Cup in 2020 have all returned to the same dressing room and it’s a special group of players who have been around the block for more than a decade.

The Irish won the Champions League last season, and in the run-up to the World Championship in 2022, there were whispers that they would join the likes of Wales and Portugal in the tournament.

The Cork club have been the favourites to win both tournaments, and they were the only team to do so.

But with two years to go before the tournament, it’s clear the time is now for the team to move on from the old ways of doing things and to become the Paint.

In their final game against Dublin United, the Cork side lost 0-2, but it was a game of pure football.

The game started in the centre of the park and was played from the outside.

It was a standard 2-1 victory for the Cork team.

In the first half, the first goal came in the 10th minute.

A cross was headed into the box by Conor Murphy, but the ball bounced up to Conor Mullen, who fired a header into the top corner from close range.

Cork won the second half 2-0 and, just like in the first, the ball was deflected off the feet of Mullen and into the back of the net.

The crowd chanted, “Paints out” in the closing moments, and the players were still singing the song as they left the pitch.

The players had a long way to go, but with a little luck and good team management, they will be able to come back to the field for the Champions Trophy in March 2019.

Cork will play a home and away game at the Aviva Stadium against Cork City in the Champions Conference quarter-finals on Saturday, May 25, and then they will travel to Tallaght, Ireland, for the final of the Champions’ Cup on June 2.

They are the first Irish team to win the Champions cup, which has been won by the likes, Wales, Portugal and England.

“We are in the middle of a pretty difficult season,” said Cork head coach Michael O’Connor.

“I am not really sure what we can say about it, but we have some very good players.

We’ve got some young players coming through.

We have a good squad and we have a young squad that will do very well in the playoffs.”

There are only a few games left before the Champions trophy gets under way.

Cork, like their rivals in Wales, are playing the league and will need to win some of the other competitions to reach the final.

But the team has a lot of momentum and they will definitely be one of the favourites for the trophy.

In a way, the Champions are the pinnacle of the club.

Cork are ranked second in the League 1 and are in their third season in the top flight.

The club is in the process of building a brand that’s going to be worth a lot more to the Irish fans.

Cork have won the Europa League last year and they are now looking to go further in the competition, and have been involved in two other major cup finals, including the Europa Cup in 2017.

They finished fifth in their group, but have now qualified for the UEFA Champions League, which they will face off against Barcelona in the quarter-final on May 5.

The other teams in the group include FC Koln, Wolfsburg and Borussia Monchengladbach.

In this group, Cork will have to overcome the best teams in their division and the worst in their league to make it to the final in 2019.

They will face FC Köln in the next round of the competition on May 24, while FC Vaduz, FC Augsburg, FC Nürnberg and FC Augur are all facing the bottom of the table.

“The first time we faced a top team in our division in the Europa league, they won 3-0,” said O’Reilly.

“But we’re not done yet.

We’re still in the second round.

We still have a few more games left.

There’s a lot we have to work on.

We are a team that likes to win.

We love to win, and we love to play good football.

We can’t say we’ve reached our peak, but I know that we’re in a good position.

We don’t think we’re finished yet.”

The Irish have one more match against the first-place club in the standings, at St Patrick’s Athletic on June 15.

They have to beat Cork in the league, which is the easiest part of the schedule for them.

“In the last game, we didn’t play well enough to make up the deficit and we got beaten,” said Mullen.

“It was one of those