Using paint thinner is a great way to add texture to a diamond paint.

The paint is created by adding a small amount of acrylic to a thin layer of paint, and when you put the paint on the canvas, the paint will melt into the acrylic.

This process creates a thin film that can be easily removed by hand, and you don’t need any tools to apply the paint.

Here’s how to paint an image with paint thin.

Step 1: Mix paint thinner and water to a consistency you prefer.

To create the paint thin layer, use a spray bottle or paint brush to create a thin paint thinner that you can hold onto with a plastic tube.

Spray paint thinner into a clean glass bottle, then pour the paint thinner through a small, clean, air-tight container into the paint container.

(You may want to use the paint to clean a clean surface first.)

Step 2: When the paint is ready, carefully wipe it off the surface of the paint bottle with a damp cloth.

Step 3: Using a clean paint brush, paint the diamond paint into the glass container.

Step 4: Allow the paint time to set, and then add a few drops of paint thinner to the paint until the paint starts to melt.

Step 5: Remove the paint, then let the diamond be added to your collection.