This week marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the remains of a 6,000-year-old Greek caveman, and while the man’s remains were never identified, his name is now being painted on the ceiling of a garage floor in a suburban Toronto neighbourhood.

Carpal Tunnel paintings were first painted on wooden flooring in the early 19th century.

In the 1930s, the French artist Jean-Jacques Rousseau created a series of murals depicting his own cave paintings in a bid to inspire a renaissance in his country.

The works have become the subjects of several exhibitions in France and the United States, and Rousseau was also the subject of an animated series in the 1960s.

But as the paintings faded, so did their popularity in the United Kingdom and Europe.

In 2012, the British artist David Cameron decided to pay tribute to the man who painted the ceiling painting by painting the walls of a car park in a style similar to the frescoes he painted in Rome.

Cameron said that he was inspired to paint the ceiling because it is a “stunning example of how nature can be seen as a painter’s canvas”.

Carpal tunnel paintings were popular with children during the Victorian era, and were popular in the 1930’s, when the cave was painted by Rousseau.

But while the mural painted on this garage floor was the first to be painted on ceiling paint, the man himself is now the subject.

The painter has painted the man as a “miserable old man” in the mural, and the carpenter has painted his own name on the wall, which reads “I’ll put it there”, according to a statement on the garage floor’s Facebook page.

“I want to paint over this man’s carpal tube with my whole body.

I’m going to paint it white, I’m doing it because I think it’s important,” the artist, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Independent.”

This is the only time I’ve ever painted a ceiling, because I never paint anything on ceilings,” he said.

The man’s name was painted over the mural in a way that made it appear as though he was sitting in a chair, but the artist said that the man was actually sitting on a rock on the floor.

“It’s like he’s sitting on his knees, like he has a chair,” he explained.

“When I put my hands on him, he turns his head towards the sky, and he’s standing up, and then his eyes go wide.

I think this is him,” he added.

The painting is being painted in a “fascinating way”, the artist added, “because it is about an artist who’s lost everything”.

But the artist believes that the wall painting will become a tourist attraction, and that the painting of the man is “a little bit of a shock”.

“I think it will be an interesting experience, but I’m afraid it will become one of those tourist attractions where people just come and see it,” he told The Telegraph.

The mural is on the second floor of the garage and is just a few feet away from the painting which depicts the man sitting on the rock on which the mural was painted.

The artist said the painting has also been “painted over with a lot of paint”, and that he has not painted it since he painted the car park ceiling.

But the painter believes that people will appreciate the work of the artist and the man, and believe that the ceiling mural will become an icon of Greek art.

“If we had this mural, it would be an icon, because it’s such an interesting way to paint,” he noted.

“But it’s also symbolic, it’s symbolic, because we think of the Greek art as a way of life and we think about the cave paintings.”