As it turns out, a lot of people don’t love the new wave in painting, either.

It’s called “Diego Rivera,” a new wave that is all about a painting of a man standing on a beach, and in the background is a gun.

It was painted in 2015 in a series called “I Hate Painting,” which features works by artists like Miguel Ceballos, Alexey Gergiev and others, and has been used in public events like this week’s inauguration.

Some of the paintings are even being used to promote the new Trump administration.

But others are just being painted on a plastic plate, with a tag saying, “I hate painting,” according to the Associated Press.

“You can’t paint something that you’re afraid of,” one man told the AP.

In one image, a young man is sitting on a water slide and holding a gun, while others are painting portraits of presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Another man is painting a woman in a bathing suit with a gun pointed at her head.

The woman in the photo is apparently a Trump supporter.

“I hate this painting.

It’s like a bad image of Trump, and people like this are making it worse,” said one man who gave his name as Daniel, and who said he voted for Trump because he thought he was doing the right thing.”

You have to think about the impact this is going to have on our democracy,” he said.”

Diego Rivera” is one of a handful of works in the series that was recently removed from Instagram after people took to social media to criticize it.

The Instagram removal sparked a firestorm of criticism, and a group called the Trump-inspired art collective @DumpTrump started using the image to promote their campaign.

The hashtag #diegorivera was also trending on Twitter, with people calling the work “an insult to all men.”

And a petition started by artist Eduardo Arreaza was signed by over 150,000 people in less than 24 hours, raising more than $100,000 for the campaign.

“The artwork in this photo is a reminder of the dangerous and toxic politics that are now taking hold of this country,” the petition reads.

“This photo is also a reminder that we need to stand up and demand a new direction for our nation and for our democracy.

The time is now to end this toxic and dangerous rhetoric that is being spewed at us from the White House.”

The Trump-funded artist’s website also posted a statement that said, “As one of the largest and most influential artists of our time, Diego Rivera has a history of standing up for what he believes in.

We must all stand up for the rights of all, including the rights and dignity of women and people of color.

We need to fight against the violence of hate, the racism of hatred, and the ignorance of the ignorant, and to stand against the toxic and corrupt policies of the corrupt, who use fear to justify their lies.”