Benjamin Moore paints in the glass shop.

| Getty Benjamin Moore is the founder and CEO of Benjamins, a popular cosmetics brand, and he’s making his mark in the retail world with some trippy paintings and colorful paintings in his shop, Glass Painting, in the basement of his East Dallas home.

Moore said the paintings are inspired by the stories of artists from around the world, like Benjamin Moore and the famous artist Henri Matisse.

He said they have to be more realistic than the traditional, abstract paintings that typically go on sale.

He’s also experimenting with using paint on the canvas to create more intricate paintings.

“We wanted to bring people into the shop, but also we wanted to give them something new,” Moore said.

“We wanted them to feel a little bit like they were in the studio, and it’s not like they’re just walking into the room.

They’re in there.”

The paintings range from portraits to abstract art.

“There’s a couple that are very specific to Benjamin Moore, like ‘The Art of Being Happy,'” Moore said, referring to the story of the man who created the world’s first mirror.

Moore’s paintings are painted in a palette, which he said allows him to make sure his paint doesn’t get damaged during shipping.

The glass shop also has a large collection of vinyl records and other art supplies, like tape and brushes.

Moore, who is from the East Texas town of Lubbock, is a longtime painter who has a bachelor’s degree in painting from Texas A&M University.

He has worked in the art business for years, starting his own company, Benjamines.

Moore has worked at glass shops in New York, San Francisco, London and Washington, D.C., before setting up Glass Painting.

Moore is known for his unusual, psychedelic paintings.

Moore also said the shop has a new owner who is also making a mark in Dallas, but Moore has a big vision for the shop.

He wants to open a store in the United Kingdom and sell his work in his home country.

“I just want to expand the market here in the U.K.,” Moore said of his plans to open the shop in the UK.

“I think the world needs a store like that.”

He said he has been working on getting a license in London, and will be opening his first shop there next year.

Moore said he’s looking forward to opening the shop and expanding in London.

He also said he plans to make a documentary on his life in the near future.

“It will be the most fascinating story of my life,” Moore joked.