Opheliah’s painting will be featured in a mural that will be painted on the wall of the Art Gallery of NSW.

The artwork, which was commissioned by the Sydney Opera House, will be part of the gallery’s permanent installation The Opheliac, and will be unveiled in March next year.

Ophelia, who was born in the late 1800s, was born at the age of 12 in the United Kingdom.

She is one of the most famous people in Australian history and has become a cultural icon in Australia, having won several prizes.

She was also a member of the Royal Family and is credited with coining the term ‘Ophelian’, the first words used in the English language.

It will be a year of celebration for Ophelios art in Sydney, which will be joined by other artists in an exhibition of works by her.

She will be in the city to present the painting.

She said she was very excited about the painting and was honoured to be selected to create it.

“It’s really special to have this opportunity to paint on the walls of this amazing gallery and I’m honoured to have been chosen to create a mural for them.”

The mural will be created by the artists and it will be my contribution to that,” she said.”

I have no idea where it will come from or how it’s going to look.

“The painting, by artist Peter Jukes, will also be on display in the gallery.”

She’s been an icon for centuries in Australia and the world and she’s still being recognised,” she added.”

Her story is still important, she’s a woman of the people, she has been a leader in Australian politics.

“When she was first appointed to the throne of the United States, she was a great leader and we should all be proud of that.”

Now it’s time for her to go and make history and she will be remembered for her leadership.

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