Arts lovers will be able to browse the new exhibition of contemporary art in Calgary Art Centre from September 10-16.

Art Centre curator Dan Zwicky said the exhibition is part of a broader effort to revitalize the arts in Calgary.

“We’re going to continue to expand the arts to a whole range of people,” Zwickies said.

“This will be the first exhibition in Calgary that is truly inclusive of a whole bunch of different artistic disciplines.”

It will be really a showcase for what we’re all about.

“Zwicky says he wants the show to make a difference in Calgary’s vibrant arts scene.”

I think the art world is a very inclusive space, but there’s a certain kind of beauty in the darkness and the beauty in art that is not quite visible to everybody,” he said.

The exhibit will feature works by artists such as Alison Beaubien, Rolf Schubert and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Calgary Art School and the University of Calgary are sponsoring the show.