On Tuesday, the Republican nominee for President Donald Trump is scheduled to deliver a rally in Atlanta’s historic South Side neighborhood, a venue that was historically a stronghold for the Black community.

The event is slated to take place at the historic Georgia State Capitol, which was renamed after civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis, who was killed by a white police officer in 1968.

“We have to keep talking about Black Lives Matter,” Trump said at a rally Tuesday night in Atlanta.

“No justice, love, peace, and justice will be granted to anyone who would harm the lives of Black Americans.”

Trump’s remarks drew condemnation from civil rights leaders, who have long urged him to disavow support for the Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr. and other civil rights activists who have faced racial violence.

Jackson died in 2017 at the age of 93, just days after his son, Eric Jackson, died of a gunshot wound to the head during a protest outside a Trump campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Georgia State Legislature passed a resolution last year that called on the Republican Party to disavower the Ku Klux Klan and other extremist groups and to rescind support for any of their causes.

But Jackson and other figures have refused to endorse Trump’s presidential bid, arguing that the GOP platform, which is still being drafted, does not adequately address their causes, particularly the lack of support for police brutality.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, a leading advocate of Black Lives Matters, on Tuesday called Trump’s remarks “deeply disappointing” and said the Republican candidate is “wrong on many issues.”

“I think he should denounce the KKK, but I don’t think he’s right on the issue of police brutality,” Sharpton said on CNN.

“I think the Kuksans need to denounce what they’re doing.”

Trump, who has been on a crusade against the Black Lives Movement, has faced criticism over the past several weeks after the shooting of Michael Brown, a 12-year-old black man, by a police officer who used a Taser on him.

The shooting triggered days of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, and across the nation.

In January, Trump’s campaign issued a statement in support of the police officer and other activists who were arrested for participating in the protests.

“The Rev.”

Jesse Jackson, Jr. is the author of a number of books including, “A Nation Divided: The Unfinished Story of the Civil Rights Movement,” which was released in 1990.

Trump has been criticized for using Jackson’s name, calling him “a thug” and “a racist.”

Trump has also faced criticism from a number Democrats over his handling of the FBI investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The Justice Department has been investigating Flynn since February for possible violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act and a law against giving material support to a foreign government, but the FBI has not charged him with a crime.

Trump has said he would have fired Flynn if he had been investigated.

But he has since been re-elected to his post as president.