If you ask Mona in the street, the answer is obviously the iconic image of the Mona Matisse painting in Paris.

Mona has had the iconic pose for more than 60 years and has had a statue of herself in many museums around the world.

The painting has drawn worldwide criticism, especially since the first image of Mona appeared in 1799, and it was a controversial choice to paint. 

It was the painting that inspired the first nude painting, and the Monas life and work were the subject of intense controversy for centuries.

The famous nude painting of Monas pose has caused controversy for decades. 

“The painting is not only a beautiful picture, but also a deeply emotional painting for people.

Monas work is an example of human creativity and her story is something that inspires us all,” Mona’s widow, Margaret, told CNN.

 Margarete Matisse died in 1955 and was buried in a private cemetery in New York.

Her grandson, Pierre, says the painting has become a symbol for the artist.

“This is her legacy.

She’s an icon, and I hope that people will respect that,” Pierre said. 

For the past four decades, the painting was owned by the Monazite Collection, which is the oldest surviving collection of Monastirs art.

It was acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2004.

The Mona painting is now in the collection of the New York Public Library, and is on view in the Louvre.

The museum will exhibit the painting for the first time on April 14.