How to Remove Concrete Floor Paint from Your Home Concrete flooring is a common surface coating that often is installed on residential properties.

This paint is typically applied in the same way as wood flooring, but is applied with a brush instead of a mortar and pestle.

Here are some tips to help you remove the paint.

Apply paint with a sponge or spatula.

The paint should not touch the ground.

If the paint dries out, it will leave behind a white discoloration that will remove the coating.

Rinse with water.

This step will remove any remaining paint particles.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for applying paint.

Use a sponge brush or spatule to apply paint.

If using a sponge, use it in a circular motion, rather than a rolling motion, to help avoid getting a sponge wet on your hands.

Brush or spray a little water into a paint brush to keep it moist.

Rinze thoroughly before using.

This will help prevent discolored paint from sticking to your paint.

Paint must be removed with a soft brush or sponge.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines for using a brush or sponged sponge.

Paint is not sticky, so use a soft, clean cloth.

Avoid putting paint on your furniture, soaps, or clothes.

Use dry-cleaning products that don’t contain latex, and rinse thoroughly after you use them.