With the rise of 3D printing, the world of art has been able to take a new form.

Artists can now make any object or person that they want, without the need for any prior modeling or modeling equipment. 

With that in mind, the creators of a popular 3D-printed tree sculpture in Los Angeles, California, are making sure it is a model of the tree’s actual height, not just the scale of the print. 

To celebrate the tree being the first to be painted in 3D, they’ve designed a 3-D tree sculpture that is almost completely 3D.

The 3-d tree was created by artist Renoir Pinto for the new exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art, and the sculpture features the three branches of a three-leafed clover, all of which are created by a 3DPrinting process.

Each branch is a fully-realized model of an actual tree, and is made from resin that is 3D printed on the spot.

The three-branch design is reminiscent of the branches of an ordinary cherry tree, which are often created in a similar way.

The 3DPrended tree sculpture will be on display through June 28 at the Museum, located in the Westin Hotel.

[Related: 3D Prints Could Transform the Art World, Researchers Say]Renoir’s tree sculpture was designed to celebrate the artist’s work with a different design.

The tree is made entirely out of resin, and consists of three branches that are completely 3-dimensional, each of which is created by taking a photograph of a different tree branch.

The model is then printed with a laser printer to make it entirely 3D on the site, with the branches remaining completely in the model.

The artists behind the tree have said that the 3-part tree design has the potential to transform the art world.

The artist has previously created sculptures in 3-dimensions that were more traditional in their appearance, and have often been made in different settings, such as the museum or a gallery.

“With 3D Printing, we can print anything in the world, so I feel like there’s a big potential for this to change the way we think about art, and to make something new out of the same old things,” Renoire said.”3D printing has been around for a long time and it’s definitely a trend that’s going to continue.”

In the meantime, Renoira plans to continue painting the tree, with plans to have it up and running in time for the festival.