Waverley chalk paint, created in 1895, is a highly prized piece of contemporary art.

The paint was first exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1996, and has since gone on to become one of the most recognizable paintings in the world.

The Waverlys cave paintings have gone on display at the museum and the National Portrait Gallery of Australia, where they are exhibited in an exhibition called Waverleys Art: A New Vision.

We spoke to one of Australia’s leading art experts, Dr. Tim Kitchin, about the paintings, how they came to be, and why he thinks they’re important.

Q: What inspired you to paint the paintings in Waverles cave?

A: Well, it’s very hard to get into a cave in Australia and paint a painting in the style of Waverlin’s cave paintings, because they’re not very common in the region.

So, we started to think about the way in which the cave paintings were created, and then we thought, why don’t we take those ideas and apply them to paintings?

We started to work on that in the summer of 1998, and I think it really turned out to be really interesting.

We had this really, really cool painting project that was going to go into the Museum in Australia, which is called Art and the Universe, and it’s an art gallery in Sydney, which was really the heart of Wivenhoe, the town where Waverlynck was, which at that time was the only town in NSW.

So it was a very unique environment for us, to create a painting there, but also to be able to work with that environment.

And then we started talking about how this is probably one of our best paintings to date, so we thought this is a really great way to get back into Waverlee.

And so we started getting really excited about doing this.

We went back to Waverleigh, where we were staying, and started working on this painting.

And by the end of 1998 we had this painting done, and we got very excited about it, and very happy.

We were really excited, and really excited that we had a painting done at the end, and so we decided that we would go back there to do the painting and we were very excited to go back, and actually do it in the same way, in the cave.


How did you get into painting?


Well, the first painting I painted in Wivenlee, it was an old photograph that was taken at the entrance to the cave, and the photograph is in the Museum and the universe exhibition.

And the picture is in a photograph collection, and there’s a painting of a woman in a cave with a child that I painted.

I don’t know, the child’s name is Tawny.

So I was very proud of that photograph.

And we started working with the cave at Wivenleigh, and eventually we were able to create the painting in that cave.

And it’s not the same painting that was done in Waunlee, but we had it done, so it was pretty amazing.Q