A little edible eggshell paint is going to make your car look like it was made with love.

The paint is the result of a collaboration between designer Amanda Leopold and photographer David DeBruyn, and it’s being sold on Etsy and in a book.

“I started painting my car a couple of years ago and was inspired by all the cute and fun ways people painted the inside, like a butterfly painting, and then went to the eggshell, I thought it was a really cool way to put a bit of a smile on my car,” Leopolds said.

Leopold said her idea for the egg shell paint came from the fact that the egg shells she painted in her garage didn’t seem to stick to each other.

“The eggshells are actually sort of like little plastic beads that hang out on the walls of the car, but they’re really sticky,” she said.

“And I found that I could actually peel the egg and put them on different surfaces, so now it’s a totally different kind of paint.”

So now it has a bit more personality, it has this personality that’s not like, ‘Oh, I love that eggshell and I want to paint it with it,'” she said, adding that it’s not just for fun.”

But it also really reminds me of the love that I have for my car, which is kind of what I’m about,” she added.

The egg shell painting book, titled Eggshell Paint, comes out on November 14.