It’s not often that a mural is painted in honor in the name of the season.

But that’s exactly what’s happening at The Black Box, a black-and-white installation that celebrates the holiday season in an unusual way.

On Dec. 25, the gallery will begin painting over its walls with a mural of candy canes and chocolate trinkets in the hopes that it can draw attention to the need for more holiday art in the city.

The mural, which will run for five weeks, is being paid for by the nonprofit organization the Center for Arts and Communities (CAC), which helps fund and coordinate the work of artists across the city in order to help draw attention, particularly to issues facing African Americans and other communities of color.

The installation will be part of CAC’s annual Holiday Art in the City program, which aims to connect art with people’s everyday lives.

CAC was founded by the late Art Basel founder Hedy Lamarr, who wanted to bring together a variety of artists to bring the holiday spirit back to New York City.

It is a partnership between artists, galleries, and community organizations.

Art Basels artists are also featured in CACs annual Art in Black and White festival, which takes place in New York every December.

“It’s a way for artists to showcase the work that they’ve been doing in the neighborhood,” said Lise Smith, who manages the Black Box.

“The art is part of the art.”

In addition to painting over the walls, the Black Catchers will also be selling t-shirts and other items to help raise funds for the art installation.

Smith said she wanted to create a way to encourage people to have fun with holiday art while also giving the holiday time something to focus on.

“We’re not here to just make a holiday display,” she said.

“I’m really proud of our work here.

We want to make a really positive impact.”

The Black Catcher is part, in part, of the CAC-funded holiday art program.

The Black box, which was originally built in 1992, is located on Eighth Avenue between 42nd and 44th streets.

It houses an open-air art gallery, where works are exhibited in their original form in a wide variety of media.

“When we started out, it was just for art,” Smith said.

The CAC is currently in the process of building a permanent mural on the building that will be on display through the end of the year.

The art installation, which is currently on view, was originally part of a campaign that was launched by CAC in 2013.

The artists hope that the installation will help raise awareness about a need for art to be taken seriously in New Yorkers’ communities, Smith said, and that the mural can also provide an opportunity for people to meet other people of color who are doing art.

“There are so many artists in this neighborhood,” she added.

“For the artists to be able to show their work, it’s very exciting for people.”

The artworks, which were inspired by the Holiday Art exhibit at Art Baseltes, are currently up for auction at The New York Times.

The artist, Kaitlin, said she came up with the idea for the Black box while visiting the gallery and found herself thinking about how much art she wanted in the world.

“People were looking at me and I was like, ‘Well, I think it would be nice to have a little piece of candy,'” she said, adding that she wanted something that people would actually enjoy seeing.

“My idea is that the artworks would be a nice way to celebrate the holidays.

It’s kind of a fun way to spend time together.”

Kaitlyn said that she has never felt like her artworks are in danger, even though it was a Christmas event.

“If you look at the art and it’s something that I really like, then you have to be like, okay, we can have fun making it,” she told New York magazine.

“You know, maybe we’ll make a little cake or something.”

The mural is currently being painted over.

Smith described the work as an attempt to create something that would be appreciated by people across the neighborhood.

“This is an art piece for everyone,” she explained.

“And the art works are for people of all ages, all colors.

“They’re all people who are just looking for something to do. “

A lot of the artists here don’t have any formal education in art,” she continued.

“They’re all people who are just looking for something to do.

And it’s a celebration of the holiday, but also, there’s this whole community of people who have been working to make New York the place where they want to work.”

Smith said that, while she has a long list of projects in the works, there is no particular project that she is excited about.

She explained that the artists are