A quick look at the Claudio “money painting” kits.

The kits feature a series of diamonds in an arrangement of 12, each worth a certain amount of $100.

The diamonds can be purchased from an online auction site.

The Claudio-branded kits include a large diamond, a large white one, a small white one and a tiny white one.

There is also a small gold and silver one, with prices ranging from $1,300 to $2,500.

Each of the diamond-shaped kits has been painted by Claudio for about $20 each.

The white diamond has been the most popular and most expensive.

The gold and the silver diamonds have been less popular, but they are worth as much as $150 each.

The diamonds can also be used as money.

Claudio says he can sell the diamonds for $150.

He also offers a limited edition, $1 million, diamond-themed kit.

The kit comes with a gold and white diamond, an ornate necklace, a painting of a woman with a diamond and a necklace made of diamonds.

Claudio said he uses the diamonds to pay for the paintings he has done.

“I sell them to people and give them the paintings that I have painted,” he said.

“I also give them all the money that I earn.”

The diamonds are not only used as cash.

The Claudio website has a section called “The Art of Money Painting,” which has a selection of paintings of different artists.

The painting on the wall is by Salvador Dali.

Claudios paintings are also available online.

There are three different types of paintings, each priced from $100 to $200.

The $100 Claudio kits come in various colors.

There’s one white one made of diamond, another one made out of gold and a third one made from silver.

The paintings have different prices.

The paintings also include instructions, including how to paint the diamonds.

There also is a small section that says the paintings are not to be used for personal gain.

Clese said the paintings should not be used in a commercial setting.

“These are for my friends,” he told Newsweek.

“It’s a way of showing them that I care about them.”

The Clasios paintings have become an art form.

Clasos work has been sold in the Netherlands, Italy and France.

He is also known for his “Money Painting” sculptures in the U.K. and his “Lights” in the United States.