On Sunday, Michelangelo will paint a blue grey version of his famous statue of David in the Mona Lisa.

This is the first time the artist has painted a blue version of the famed work in more than 100 years.

In a video posted to Instagram, Michelsangelo said he painted the blue painting because he felt that it was important for the world to see the color blue.

He said that the painting was meant to inspire the world.

Michelangelo’s blue grey paint is the result of more than three years of intensive painting, which was made possible by the National Geographic Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution.

It was the first blue version Michelangelo ever created, he said in the video.

Blue is one of seven colors that compose the human brain, the others being violet, violet-yellow, blue, orange, yellow and green.

Blue also represents light.

Michels, the first artist to paint blue, was born in 1755 in Tuscany, Italy.

While the color is the color of a star, it is actually a mixture of three elements: the sun, moon and planets.

For many, blue is considered the color most associated with the planet Venus, but it is more associated with water, which is the most common liquid on the planet.

In fact, water is so common that in some parts of the world, water can be found in the human blood.