Paintings can be a pain to put together and the time it takes to get your hands on the right brush is often the worst part of the process.

The trick is to learn how to paint your own sunflower, then start painting.

Learn how to do it with these 5 steps: 1.

Find a nice, flat, sunny spot.

The sunflower’s appearance depends on many factors, including weather, temperature, and how many of the plant’s flowers it has.

A sunny, flat spot is usually where the sunflower has been growing for most of its life.


Get the right paint.

A paintbrush, brush or other tool that dries quickly and can be stored in the freezer is an excellent tool for starting out.

A spray bottle works well for larger areas.


Start with one area.

The more areas you can paint, the better.

For smaller areas, you may have to paint in batches of 20 to 30 parts.


Take your time.

Start painting with the sunflowers head facing up.

After you’ve finished the first part of your work, move the sun flowers head to the other side of the work area to paint on a new part.


Paint your way to the finish line.

You may need to stop and dry brush some parts before painting on the next part of a sunflower.


Keep painting.

It’s good to start painting when the sun is at its most active.

Don’t start painting too soon after the sun goes down or you may damage the suns delicate leaves.



You can finish a sunflower by repeating the process on the other parts of the flower, but the end result will be different.

Paint in small batches to create different styles and textures.


Enjoy the finished product.

You won’t want to leave the finished sunflower unattended or exposed to harsh light.

This sunflower can also be dried and used as a centerpiece in your home or office.

This is a great tool to have around to help with your garden.Read more