With the release of The Art of Ceramic painting, salvador Dali’s beloved painting was finally getting a new home.

It was going to be a nice home for a museum, art gallery, or some other kind of museum.

However, as the price tag of $2.8 million and the time frame of only three years put the painting’s value at $8.6 million, the painting needed to be moved to a museum.

“If we had known what the buyer wanted, we would have done something else, like bought it from someone else,” Dali once said.

After all, the art was worth a lot more than just a few hundred thousand dollars.

As a result, it would have to be sold at auction to get the money to move.

So, the owners of The Artist, an antique shop in New York, went about finding a buyer.

The Artist owner, Richard Kieffer, had been a long-time collector of the works of Dali.

He knew that the painting was in bad shape and needed to get repaired.

The owner had already seen the painting in a museum and knew how much it would cost.

But, he also knew that he could not afford to take the painting to auction.

So Kieffers friend, Mark Riggs, did what anyone would do to keep the painting and its art history alive: he bought it.

But this was no ordinary purchase.

The painting had been sold at a private auction and had been repossessed in order to get it off the auction block.

Riggs and his partner, Chris M. Schulz, went through the entire process of getting the painting back and putting it back on the market, which involved moving the painting from one location to another.

They did this to help the owner, who needed to sell the painting for money.

They also bought it for a price of just under $1 million.

They paid a private detective for the job.

The artist’s original owners were not pleased about this, saying that the sale was fraudulent.

However the owner was determined to keep his painting.

He told Riggs that he was trying to raise money to get his painting back.

“The buyer said that he did not want to sell it for less than the full price.

So he did what any good art buyer would do: he paid $1,000,000 and put it on a conveyance,” Riggs told VICE News.

“It was not worth $1.7 million.”

But after a couple of months of waiting, the buyer agreed to the $1 to $1 sale and put the buyer’s name on the title.

The seller put the painter on the conveyance and began to take care of his painting in order for it to be shipped to the museum.

It took about two weeks for the painting, with a total price of about $2 million, to arrive in New Orleans.

But the owner of The Artists is not happy about what happened.

“He has taken the painting out of his home, put it in a warehouse, and is putting the painting up for sale,” the artist told VICE.

“We have had to move the paintings out of the country and we will have to do that again.”

The painting will be moving to the Art Gallery of New Orleans in New Haven, Connecticut, from the Philadelphia Art Museum later this year.

However as the painting will only be on the moving train for three years, it will have a permanent home in the Art Museum of Philadelphia, as well.

The new owner of the painting said that the museum is happy to keep it there and is happy that the buyer is a true art lover.

“When the buyer purchased it, he wanted to bring it to the Museum, and that’s what he did,” Rigges said.

“But the Museum has always cared about the painting so much that they are going to put it up for auction.”