Paint 3d (a paint that can be applied to surfaces to make them look like something out of the movie, like in a ghost story) is now available on Kickstarter, where it’s asking for $1,000 to be used for research.

It has a goal of $1m.

The project, which was started by the British computer designer James Wainwright, aims to produce the first commercially available version of Paint 3, a technology that has been around for a few years.

The idea is to apply paint to surfaces and animate them in real time.

But paint can also be used to paint digital objects.

The idea of applying paint to a surface, like a brick wall, or to a piece of paper, to paint the paper or the brick wall in real-time, is pretty far-fetched.

But Wainwrights work has shown that it can work, with a prototype that was shown off at the Maker Faire.

The 3D effect could be very convincing.

It’s not a new technology.

The first time I saw paint was as a kid, at a friend’s birthday party, when he and his friends all had a party on a summer day.

I thought it was going to be a fantastic day.

They used a big cardboard box to put a paintbrush on a table and then put a tablecloth on top of it.

The paintbrush hit the tablecloth and was on the table.

The tablecloth had a very dark shade of red and a lot of it fell off.

I could see the paper on the floor as it fell.

I saw the table and thought: Oh my god, it’s like a movie.

The way it fell it was so realistic.

I was fascinated with how people could get on stage and do this, and how people did this on a small stage.

So, when we first started the Kickstarter, we thought that we could do it.

We looked at other ways that people could do this.

We wanted to do something with paint that we couldn’t do in software, so we made a paint 3D software called Paint 3 D.

We created a prototype using a cardboard box, but the paint was actually on a real paint surface, so the prototype didn’t have that, and we didn’t even know that it was there, so when the time came to make the final product, we didn´t know if it would actually be possible to do.

I didn’t know it would be possible.

We didn’t do any testing.

We put together the whole team and we made it and went back and did the test and it worked, and it really looked good.

The Paint 3 software has been available for a while.

It was made by an Australian company called Wainwyers, and then in 2006, it was created by Wainwickers UK, which is now based in Oxford.

It’s an open source project that was made to allow the world to have a say in how it’s being developed.

It is open source.

The software itself is available for download, but you need to pay a subscription fee, which costs about $10 a month.

The Kickstarter page for Paint 3 says that the company is not taking any money from the Kickstarter campaign.

But, in fact, it is taking money from people who donate.

Wainwys is the company behind the Paint 3 project, and is hoping to collect the funds.

There are people who are going to the paint festival in the UK who are thinking: I’m going to go to the festival and I want to give back.

There’s a group of people who have a lot more money to donate than I do, and they’re going to paint a wall.

The people that want to paint something are going.

There’s a huge opportunity to make a real difference to people.

It seems like we’re not going to have that.

I’m not sure that the people that we are going for will be happy with it, but there are people that are going and it will make a difference.

I’m going on the beach with my girlfriend, who has a passion for paint.

It takes her a few days to paint, but when she’s done, she gets so much more done, because she’s working on it on the weekends.

It makes me feel like I’m helping a lot people.

When you get into it, it takes a while to get comfortable.

It will be a long time before you can do it, because it’s very, very complex.

It requires you to have an open mind.

You need to think, what would it take to make it work?

I know I’m an engineer, and I’m very creative, so it takes time.

I think it’s the perfect time to make something.

What about painting a door?

How long will it take?

It takes me six months.

How long is that for a door that’s painted? I’d