A friend of mine told me a couple years ago that one of her favourite paintings she ever did was a picture of a cat crossing a bridge with its hind legs sticking out of a tree.

It was just a beautiful thing to paint.

I had a few of those paintings around my house at the time, and I loved them.

One of them was a painting called “The Bridge” by Jodie Foster.

It depicts a cat with a bridge and an animal crossing the bridge.

It’s one of those great things, where you’re just like, “Wow, that’s just awesome.”

That painting made me really want to do something with a painting.

I was just really fascinated by the idea of the animal crossing and the bridge, so I started thinking about how I could paint something that was a bit like that.

I wanted to create a painting that was just like that and that I could draw in the background and then have the painting on the wall in the foreground.

It just made sense to me.

The first thing I did was I made a paint palette and I went to my local craft store and picked up a lot of paint.

Then I got into making my own stencils and then I started doing a lot more painting with my paint palette.

When I was doing it, I had so much inspiration.

It really started to come together, and it’s been so fun. I love it!