The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced it has launched a new program to help car makers import cheaper paints.

Key points:Key pointsThe program will allow companies to export paints for up to 30 daysThe government says it will not be able to export cheaper paints to the USThe program is available to new car makers starting in JulyThe government is not allowing foreign suppliers to import cheaper paintThe program has been rolled out for the past two months and is only available to manufacturers.

The program aims to help manufacturers export paint for up, say, 30 days.

The government said it was not able to import paints from overseas for export.

“It is a temporary measure to help Australian carmakers export paint from the Australian paint industry,” Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack said in a statement.

“The program allows car makers to export paint at an affordable cost to the United States and other countries for up 30 days, or for up and over.”

This program will not allow foreign suppliers of paint to import paint for export.

“New car paints are the cheapest in the world, with most imported from overseas.”

We will continue to help our domestic carmakers in bringing down the price of imported paints,” Mr McCormack added.

The Government will not export paint domestically to the U.S. but will import it for up over 30 days to help American carmakers.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) said it will allow import of cheaper paint.

The agency has already begun working with a local paint supplier to import materials for the program.”

I think we can expect that this is going to be one of the largest importation programs to date and will allow for many more carmakers to bring their domestic paint into the country,” Mr Murphy said.”

There are a number of things that we’re looking at to try and get that done and this is one of them.

“The program was launched at the end of July to encourage manufacturers to import the cheaper paints for domestic production.

It allows up to 20 car makers a month to import up to 1,000 litres of paint, and import a maximum of 100 litres per week.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads said it has seen a small increase in importation, but a decline in exports.”

Importing paints has been increasing, but our export numbers have actually been falling,” Minister Murphy said, referring to the number of Australian vehicles that have been exported to overseas.