Paint ‘laboratory’ to make ‘lazy’ ‘man’ ‘love’ article Paint “paintings” to give “cute” “lady” a hug. 

The painting was posted on Facebook by user Rachael Jaffe, who says she “found it funny and amusing” that her friend and roommate had painted “candy” on the wall. 

“I love ‘cutesy’ things.

It’s a little bit like how I see ‘cuteness’ in people, so I thought ‘what if I painted ‘lobster’ and ‘mushrooms’ on a wall?'” she wrote. 

In an email to Mashable, Jaffe explained that she and her roommate, who she says is “a nerd, a painter, and a painter’s dream”, decided to paint the wall “with chalk and some acrylic paint”. 

“We’re a couple who like to create something, and when we found out how cute ‘cubicle’ would be, we decided to do it,” she wrote in the email.

“I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but we’re very pleased with how it turned out.” 

In response to the post, Facebook user Joanna Zander shared another comment, writing: “This is an incredible piece of art.

It’s perfect for a ‘lover’s’ room, because you can tell that someone is enjoying themselves.

If you’re looking for something cute to hang on your wall, this is the perfect gift for your ‘lovable loner’.” A Facebook user who goes by the name “Mama’s Little Black Dog” commented: “Thank you for painting a cute cubicle for my little black dog.

It made her feel special and loved.” 

Another user named “Kerri” said: “So cute I couldn’t stop staring at it.” 

The Facebook user wrote: “If you ever need anything sweet, this might be the gift for you.

Just wanted to let you know.” 

Other users also commented, including one called “The Dandy”.

“Love your work.

You’re such a great artist,” another user called “Crazygirl” wrote.”

And she has her cubicle.

What a perfect gift.”