Paint with a paint brush and some paint sponge, you might just be able to make some neat new paintings.

The technique is known as the “car paint” method.

The idea is to put some paint on a surface, place a brush over the surface and paint over the brush using a paint-snowball-like sponge.

The sponge will collect paint over time.

The technique is a lot more time-consuming than other techniques because you have to paint over all the paint at once.

But once you’ve got your brushes, a sponge, and paint in the form of a brush, you can paint.

The first step is to make sure you have some good brushes, so you can get a good mix of colors.

You’ll want to get two or three colors.

You’ll want a sponge that you can put on top of a piece of paper or a piece, but not too thick, so that you have the ability to apply a bit of paint on top without touching the paper or the sponge.

It’s a lot easier to do this on the outside of a wall than on the inside.

The paint can go on the top layer of paint if you have it.

If you have a hard surface, you’ll want it on the bottom layer.

Now, it’s time to get your sponge on the paint, which you’ll do with the sponge underneath the brush.

The tip of the sponge is the tip that’s supposed to go into the paint.

If it doesn’t go in, then it won’t work.

Now that you’ve made your sponge, add a bit more paint to the sponge to make it a little more difficult to get paint on the sponge, but it will do.

Now add the paint sponge.

This sponge is supposed to cover the brush you want to paint.

When it’s wet, it will collect all of the paint on it and then it will slowly fill the sponge up with paint.

It is really important that you keep the sponge in contact with the paint to get a lot of paint.

You can also use a paintbrush to apply paint.

Just don’t make the paintbrush come into contact with a sponge.

You want to make the sponge wet and so you want the paint just on the surface of the surface.

So you can use a pencil or marker to draw on the area that you want paint to come out of.

You don’t want paint coming out of a sponge on a wall.

Now, you want this paint to stay on the wall, so there’s a little bit of a gap between you and the wall.

And then you want that gap to be big enough that you get enough paint on that surface to get that little bit.

You’re going to want to do it this way.

You are going to do a little dab of paint at the bottom of the gap.

You should be able see that it goes in.

Then, you’re going, “OK, this is a little wet, and this is going to be a little dry.”

So this is what happens.

When you dab paint, the paint comes out of the edge of the painting, and then you start adding more paint on.

So if you were to add more paint at that same time, the painting would be a bit wet.

But this is actually what we’re doing.

We’re just trying to add paint.

Now you’ll start adding paint in, so make sure it’s very thick.

You won’t be able paint it on all the way.

Just a little little bit, and you’ll get a little amount.

Now just apply that to the wall or wherever you want it.

You might want to go a little longer on this.

But you want your paint to go all the ways, and it’s important to go over the paint the same way.

And that’s when you apply the next step.

Now you can just get the sponge out of there.

The next step is just to get some paint out of your sponge and paint on another layer.

You have to do that very slowly.

Just start painting on the new layer, and let it dry for a minute or two, then paint on more layers.

Make sure you’re adding lots of paint to make a nice finished result.

This is where you’ll use your paintbrush, too.

This will help you apply paint, because you want a lot.

The last step is when you’re finished, you need to paint the last piece of paint you had on the whole wall, because that’s what we call the “carpet finish.”

That’s the paint that comes off the wall and dries on the carpet, so it’s what you want.

So it’s kind of like a “finish.”

Now, the next thing you need is a mirror.

A mirror is a light source that shines into the space where you want painting to happen, so if you can do that with a mirror, you don’t need a light bulb