By Sarah Binder The Toronto Star Staff May 13, 2018 5:16:16Toronto man Adam Zegers, 22, has been given a rare opportunity to put his life back together after losing both of his legs and nearly dying at age 29.

He is hoping to be the first person to do so after he suffered a fatal heart attack while driving on the side of Highway 401 last week.

Zegers’ first leg was amputated after he was hit by a car while cycling in December of 2017.

“It was really traumatic.

I had a huge hole in my right leg,” Zeger told CBC News.

My leg was pretty much a walking stick, which is why I’m pretty much out of control with how it looks now,” he said.

A heart attack could have been the reason he lost his legs, but his medical team believes it was caused by a combination of drugs and alcohol.

The pain and disability caused by the amputations, which were sustained at a hospital in the city of Brampton, led to his first serious heart attack.

While his medical care team has since made many positive changes to the way he lives, Zegars hopes to make amends with the world through a series of fundraising events and events.

As of now, Zepers has raised more than $3,000 through a GoFundMe page, as well as through a Facebook fundraiser to help him out with rent, food and other expenses.

Zegars has been in the process of making some changes to his life since the events that led to the amputation.

Now he is looking for a way to help others in similar situations, and his friends and family are hoping he can make the change he needs to change the world.

His parents are helping to set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money to pay for his medical expenses and rent while he is in hospital.

I feel that this is an important time for me to be able to help other people and make sure they get the support that they need, Zechers said.